10 Ways To Make Your Film Equipment Rental Process Fast and Easy

It’s been said that the majority of problems you’ll encounter during production can be solved, or at least addressed, in pre-production. At some point in that process, you’ll likely be on the hunt for a film equipment rental package to suit all your needs. Moving Picture Rental is proud to offer the latest and greatest in camera, video and sound equipment, grip trucks and gear, lighting kits, production vehicles, and crews to operate the whole lot. Not to mention, they also offer a wide range of production services, including location services and production management.

Since getting a film equipment rental package can often be an arduous task, especially when piled on top of everything else you have to deal with, Moving Picture Rental has streamlined the process so you can focus on the bigger picture. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, here are ten ways they can help you do that:


Browse the Moving Picture Rental’s easy to navigate the website and explore its massive inventory. Write up your film equipment rental list, then cut and paste it on their order form.


Once you’ve chosen a film equipment rental package, you can establish an account with Moving Picture Rental on your smartphone without having to attach any emails or PDFs.


After creating your account, email them proof of your insurance certificate. Doesn’t matter if you send it on a Wednesday afternoon or a Sunday morning, the team at Moving Picture Rental is on-hand seven days a week to ensure you get approval within two hours.

Moving Picture Rental's extensive film equipment rental inventory on line.4) EVERYTHING FROM A TO Z

Moving Picture Rental prides themselves on the depth and variety of their inventory. But if there’s something you want but don’t see, just give them a call. Or send them an email and they’ll find a way to accommodate you.


Established in 1987, Moving Picture Rental has over thirty years of experience providing all manner of productions with the highest quality equipment rentals on the market. Their team is made up of numerous professionals with expertise in every stage of production. So if you need a qualified recommendation or a friendly opinion, they’re waiting to hear from you.


Whether you’re around the corner from one of their offices or half a day’s drive away, Moving Picture Rental will deliver your film equipment rental package to your location in Florida, whatever the size of your order.


To better serve their clientele and meet the needs of their community, Moving Picture Rental has four offices across the state. In South Florida, you can visit their Miami and Fort Lauderdale locations. On the Sunshine State’s west coast, you’ll find them in Fort Myers. And in Central Florida, they’re right off the Turnpike in Orlando.


Production hours are lengthy at best and unpredictable at worst. With that in mind, team members at Moving Picture Rental are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So it’s never too early, or too late, to reach out with a question or concern about your equipment rental package.


Not everyone who mounts a production in Florida is local. Which means you might end up hiring a crew comprised of untested strangers. That’s why Moving Picture Rental maintains a database of experienced crew, including DPs, camera assistants, grips, gaffers, and set designers.


When and if you hire your crew through Moving Picture Rental, they can deliver your film equipment rental package to set, operate it throughout production and then return it to one of their four offices.

The team at Moving Picture Rental is as passionate about their film gear rentals as they are about supporting the filmmakers who rent them. To find out how they can help you put together a package and crew that will ensure your next production is a success, give them a call today.