Run and Gun Kit for Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D

Keeping with the DSLR revolution, we’ve consistently seen new innovations in support for cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D throughout the past year.  Recently released, the iDC Run & Gun Kit has quickly become one of our favorite new DSLR accessories.

Bruce Dorn, engineer/creator behind many of iDC’s inventions, explains: “over-sized and overly-complex focusing systems might look butch but they effectively waste the stealthy advantages of a compact capture device like the Canon 5D.”  While elaborate rigs like the Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle offer robust camera support the iDC Run & Gun Kit features a stripped down, compact design that highlights the relatively tiny size of DSLR cameras.

The primary elements of the iDC Run & Gun Kit are the Hoodman 3.0 Loupe and iDC Follow Focus.  Fully attachable to the camera in less than a minute, separate designs fit specifically to the different body styles of the Canon 5D and Canon 7D.

The iDC Follow Focus fits snugly against the DSLR focus ring.  Rotate the friction wheel counter clockwise to move towards infinity, clockwise to bring the focus plane towards the camera.  Witness marks are also included to improve the functionality of this sleek design whether you’re shooting solo or employing the skills of a camera assistant.

These small additions make a massive difference in the functionality of DLSR shooting.  Quickly mounting and detaching from standard tripods, a camera operator can switch to handheld shooting in a moment’s notice.

The iDC Run & Gun Kit is a great reminder of the shooting versatility available with DSLR cameras.  Independent filmmakers now have more opportunities than ever to capture spectacular images on a tight budget.  Rent the iDC Run & Gun Kit, now available at Moving Picture!