Grip Truck Rentals in South Florida

Society recognizes movies through their actors, but anyone in the production industry knows that there are key players behind the scenes that influence the movie. One of these key players in production is the Grip/Electric team.

Grips and electricians are lighting and rigging technicians that focus on camera support and creating the perfect lighting as well as support jib, dolly, and slider needs from the camera department. Grips work with the camera crew to ensure that the camera is mounted correctly to the camera dollies, camera cranes, or any other camera mount. Grips and electricians also work closely with the Gaffer to set up all of the necessary lighting for the production.

Grips play a crucial role in the outcome of any video production. Since grips are responsible for the build and maintenance of most of the heavy hardware on location, having the right grip equipment is essential.

Grip Truck Rentals

Moving Picture’s most popular grip truck rental is our well-equipped 3-ton/5-ton grip truck. It is outfitted with a large 7’x7’ 3300lb capacity lift gate, side door access with fold-up stairs, and large jockey boxes.

Grip trucks can be rented for grip and lighting professionals and include the rental of the grip truck and all of the grip and lighting equipment in the package price. Grip Truck Rentals offer common grip rental items; such as: C-Stands, sandbags, apple boxes, flags, rags, and dollies, and jibs.

The benefit of a grip truck rental is the ease of not traveling with equipment. When shooting a production off-set, in desired locations such as South Florida, a grip truck rental can save time, money, and the headache of traveling with your grip equipment; as traveling with grip and lighting equipment can cost a fortune and even get lost, stolen, or damaged.

Moving Pictures offers grip truck rentals in South Florida in many sizes.. Each grip truck rental package includes different grip equipment and the lists of each grip truck rental package can be found here:

1-Ton Grip Truck Rental Equipment List

3-Ton Grip Truck Rental Equipment List

5-Ton Grip Truck Rental Equipment List

10-Ton Grip Truck Rental Equipment List