Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers and Crew

Filmmakers can be a tough crowd when it comes to buying gifts. They are an esoteric group, and I should know, I’m one of them! But as experienced filmmakers Moving Picture Rental has some hints since we use these products daily and monthly, some of them for many years. And what’s a better gift to a production friend or family member, than an item that’ll enhance and help them do what they do best! BTW, we’re not receiving any compensation for our product picks. We’re just doing it for fun and to pay it forward.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier with Saf.T.Plus component locking system


Don’t be fooled by the price of this multi-plier. The Gerber Suspension multi-tool is of the highest quality. No filmmaker should be without a multi-tool in their kit. Let me count the thousands of ways to use this tool on a film set: cutting show card, using the large screwdriver on a Moho Geni in August, using the pliers to pull out a red-hot scrim in that HMI… the list is endless. Throw this tool into your daypack and watch it save the day on set. Plus its Saf.T.Plus component locking system means that you’ll have to try very hard to cut your fingers off.

Nitecore NU25 Head Lamp


If I had to choose between a headlamp and a flashlight, I would pack a headlamp any day. I’ve had the Nitecore headlamp and used it in the mountains extensively this past summer, and it performed exceptionally well. Charging it via USB is a major plus. Thanks to it’s super small size, this headlamp takes up NO space in your kit.

Marmot Magus Rain Jacket


Working on film sets in Miami, you’ll undoubtedly need a great raincoat. The Marmot Magus Rain Jacket fits the bill. I actually wore one of these out recently (the predecessor to the Magus) after owning it for six years. No questions asked by Marmot who sent me a new one. They’re super lightweight, and they compact to a small ball size. The jacket has pit-zips to keep you cool and calm when your production schedule suffers due to rain delays!




Throw out the antiquated ways of shoot day scheduling in Excel. ShotLogic is a major game changer. No more cutting and pasting scheduling times into Excel. To strategically plan your shoot day, just drop your scout photos and/or storyboard screen grabs into the app and create dynamic shoot schedules that easily adjust on the fly. Need to add 18 minutes to dress the set for scene 101? Add the time and the entire day’s schedule changes, adjusting all other scenes, lunch, and wrap time. You can approach your 2 or 3-day shoot in an abstract non-disruptive way with this app. While ShotLogic takes a few hours to learn it is entirely worth the time and the $149. I’ve been using it for four years, and I don’t shoot without it!

Boker Urban Trapper Pocket Knife G10

$108.00 to 168.00

The Boker Pocket Knife is my EDC (every day carry) for over two years. The knife has no rough or sharp corners. The pocket clip is rounded and gentle on your hands going in and out of your pocket as well as your clothes. The Boker is a gentleman’s knife, but make no mistake — this knife is rugged! Flip it open with one hand, and you can easily cut sash cord with ease. Designed by Brad Zinker, this knife comes in a variety of handle materials.

Chroma-Selfie® v2 Pocket chart


Handy & Pocket Portable Charts

Ask any colorist, and they’ll tell you to shoot a test color chart, to give them a head start on a color grade. It amazes me how you can save almost an hour of your colorist’s time just by shooting this small test color chart at the beginning of the day. Big test charts tend not to get carried around anymore but now you no longer have an excuse to not shooting a test color chart. Features, 6-high saturation colors, 4- skin tones, 3-step Gray scale, 18% Gray on reverse

Peak Design

Anything backpack, bag, bracket, strap or otherwise from this company.

$20.00 to 300.00

I own, love and use many Peak Design products. Their camera strap bags and backpacks of all sizes are the most innovative on the planet. Their straps and bags integrate in a graceful effective ways that boggle the mind.

Box of Sharpie Markers


We all know that a walkie-talkie, pen, multi-tool, and sharpie are must haves on your belt or in your pocket on Florida film sets. Making labels on camera tape or building signs out of show card, don’t leave home without Sharpie Markers.

Digital Cinema Pocket Guides


Digital Cinema Pocket Guides

Cameras are changing more rapidly than ever. You may not use the same camera twice in the same quarter. These pocket guides from The Black and Blue are fantastic. Written by an experienced camera assistant, they consist of what you need to know and then some. You can print them or keep them on your phone and tablet. Never fear your mind blanking when you open up yet another crazy Sony camera menu again!

Whether it’s for your stocking stuffers, or gifts of tools, software, and apparel, you’ll want round out this year’s gift giving with these holiday gift ideas. There are some last minute sales going on, so prices may vary. From all of us at Moving Picture Rental, Happy Holidays!