IDX Wevi Cam Wave Wireless HD-Video Transmission System

The IDX Wevi Cam Wave CW-5HD Video Transmission System offers a versatile solution for video playback on mobile and remote shoots.  With an integrated V-Mount, the lightweight Wevi transmitter mounts directly to the camera and accepts Anton Bauer batteries.  Automatically differentiating between HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals, the Wevi Wireless Video System is capable of transmitting a standard definition or high definition signal up to 150 feet.  Employing 2-channel embedded audio, the Wevi High Definition System also ensures audio/video synchronization without any additional cabling or technology.

Available for rental at Moving Picture, we have seen the Wevi Wireless HD System enhance Video Assist on multiple jobs throughout the past six months.  Need to transmit an HD signal from a steadicam?  Shooting on a RED or ARRI Alexa camera and require a wireless feed to your director’s hand held monitor?  The possibilities are endless, rent the IDX Wevi Cam Wave CW-5HD Video Transmission System for your next shoot!