Moving Picture Rental to Attend Pacific NW Lens Summit

We’re getting ready to jump on a airplane to Portland in the morning for the Pacific North West Lens Summit with Michael Koerner and team over at the Koerner Camera rental house in Portland, Oregon who are hosting a special type lens fest.  They’re showing of the most comprehensive collection of optics in the world. Vintage lenses, new lens releases and large format lenses will all be there. The smartest and most talented lens gurus and lens engineers will be there to chat at this great rental house soirée!   

Who’s Going?

Got a burning question to ask about technology or sensor coverage? You’ll find the answer at the Pacific NW Lens Summit.  All the players in manufacturing are on the floor. Just to name a couple: Angenieux, Arri, Atlas, Canon, Cinoflex, Cooke, Duclos Lenses, Fujinon, Gecko, Leitz, Lindsay Optics, Lomo, IB/E, P+S Technik, Raptor, Schneider, Sigma, Tiffen, Tokina, Whitepoint Optics, Zeiss and ZerøOptic. Other groups include Abel, BandPro, Camadeus, Hot Rod Camera, Preston Cinema, Shotover and Sony.

The Details:

This Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 2828 SE 14 Ave. Portland Oregon 97202.  Camera assistants, Directors of Photography, etc. On Friday, May 3rd, 2019 everyone learns how to take lenses apart for service and troubleshooting.