Not Missing The NAB Show 2019, Are You?

It’s that time of year again when we all fly to Las Vegas, not for a rowdy weekend of fun but for a little bit of both: The NAB Show 2019- The Story Starts Here!

NAB Show lighting booth

That’s the theme for this year’s NAB Show featuring fresh topics from around the world of content creation like ESports, AI and machine learning, in-vehicle entertainment and blockchain in media. Apart from these hot topics, there are tons of activities planned for the week of NAB. We’ll be at the heart of it, reporting it all back to you….which brings me to…

The Survival Guide

For years I wanted to write a crafty and fun guide to the show…well I FINALLY did it! Decided to make a video instead, the very first “NAB Survival Guide”.

So, most of surviving at NAB is common sense (although that tip about how to spot the smartest person in the room might be a new one for you), but drawing on personal experience, I made this guide rich with alternative things to do in Las Vegas during NAB week. Hopefully, it’ll spark your imagination enough to regale your prospective client at the race track and land you the deal! Watch it here and enjoy:

The NAB Show 2019 Gameplan

First, we leave Miami and get out to Las Vegas on Friday night to get ready for conference madness and prep by attending some pre-NAB parties over the weekend. For the second year in a row, Moving Picture is hosting its very own party, for a select few who rock the industry.

Then, we’ll hit the ground running on the floor Monday morning, April 8th, to capture as much great content as possible for the “NAB 2019 Gear Picks- Highlights” VLOG. We’ll be releasing the VLOG on Tuesday, April 9 at noon on our youtube channel. Personally, I hope to virtually bring you to the show with our unique coverage!

Fast forwarding to Wednesday, April 10th tune in via BroadCastBeat to the NAB Live Show to catch me hosting two segments:NAB show 2019

  • Full Frame Cameras for Digital Cinema – Fad or Here to Stay, @ 12:00 PM. With guests: Snehal Patel -Zeiss Sales Manager, Cine & Applications Specialist and Corby Martin -DOP, SIM International Lens Technician.

– And –

  • Lighting for Cinema – Predicting the Next Decade, @ 12:30 PM. With guests: Paul Royalty – VP of Sales | LiteGear Inc,  Derek Hammer -Gaffer / Owner, Hammer Grip and Lighting and Bradford Lipson, Director of Photography.

During the entire week of NAB, we’ll be posting content from the show on our social media channels. So if FOMO (fear of missing out) gets to you, hop over on Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In and check out what we’re up to.

Lastly, we’ll be publishing a blog post with the complete recap of the show on April 15. Our aim is to answer the main question: what did we learn this year at NAB?.

Something For You

While doing research on the show this year, we came across NAB discount codes that might interest you, if you still don’t have a ticket yet. So here’s something for you:

Get a NAB Ticket for $50 with discount codes LV2738 or LV3969.

Give us a friendly comment below if you do end up using these codes.

Gear at Nab showWant Us To Report Back On Specific Gear?

Not going this year? But want us to report something specific? Perhaps a gear segment that’s important to your business? Let us know by answering this super mega brief 1-minute poll: Yes Dave! Please Report Back On…

Alright! That’s a wrap-up! Follow us on social and stay tuned for more on NAB 2019.