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Panasonic AG-AF100

Panasonic’s AG-AF100 AVCCAM HD camcorder is now available for rental at Moving Picture.  As the first high-end 4/3” video camcorder that’s been optimized for high-definition video recording, the AF100 offers the desired aesthetics of popular DSLR cameras without the myriad of functionality issues that ...Read More

Litepanels Miniplus Lighting

The Litepanels Miniplus series offers shooters extremely efficient and versatile on-camera lighting.  This dimmable LED softlight system is available in both tungsten and daylight models.  The Litepanels Miniplus system is ideal for ENG and documentary work.  Whether you need to fill in the shadows ...Read More

The Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

The Zoom H4n makes recording audio simple.  While this portable device is not nearly as robust as professional recorders such as the Sound Devices 744T, it’s an ideal answer for those out there who don’t have the experience or budget to capture professional location ...Read More