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Matthews Pro Car Mount System

Car rigs can change the entire look of a project. Unfortunately, more often than not, these rigs are either flimsy and undependable or overly complicated. Matthews Studio Equipment has designed a Pro Car Mount System that transcends these issues and delivers spectacular, stable images ...Read More

Litepanels Miniplus Lighting

The Litepanels Miniplus series offers shooters extremely efficient and versatile on-camera lighting.  This dimmable LED softlight system is available in both tungsten and daylight models.  The Litepanels Miniplus system is ideal for ENG and documentary work.  Whether you need to fill in the shadows ...Read More

The Sound Devices 744T

The Sound Devices 744T is a sleek and efficient four-track file based digital audio recorder that makes field recording fast and simple.  Capable of recording to and playing back from an internal hard drive, Compact Flash cards, and external firewire drives, the 744T is ...Read More

The Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

The Zoom H4n makes recording audio simple.  While this portable device is not nearly as robust as professional recorders such as the Sound Devices 744T, it’s an ideal answer for those out there who don’t have the experience or budget to capture professional location ...Read More

Litepanels LED Lighting

Litepanels has changed the way people think about LED (light emitting diode) production lighting.  With Litepanels 1×1 and Miniplus lighting fixtures, we see the highly mobile, yet powerful output that makes Litepanels an ideal option for everything from studio setups to documentary shoots and ...Read More