ARRI introduced its new ARRI M18, an 1800W SE HMI, at last year’s NAB convention in Las Vegas.  Having become available this past summer, the M18 has proven itself as a versatile and efficient lighting system.  With an average lamp life of 750 hours and a tagline as “the brightest HMI you can plug into the wall,” the M18 combines convenience with dependability.


The M18 combines elements of PAR and Fresnel optics to spread an even beam of “TrueBlue” light that is adjustable from 20-60 degrees.  This lens-less system provides an intense and broadly focusable output without any need to reach for spreader lenses.

The M18 is deceivingly small for the amount of power it packs.  At less than 25 pounds, the M18 is no bigger than a 1200W PAR yet it has a 70 percent higher light output.  Adding to the versatility is the newly designed EB 1200/1800 electronic ballast.  This allows for seamless switching between 1200W and 1800W functions, thus doubling the M18’s abilities without any cumbersome increase in size.