The Cineflex V14 HD Camera System

The Cineflex V14 HD camera system has taken aerial cinematography to the next level. Equipped with a technologically advanced gimbal, the Cineflex V14 HD system uses sensors to recognize vibrations and immediately correct the camera accordingly.  This is a vast improvement upon previous gyro gimbal systems that relied on a system of spinning (and sometimes unstable) wheels to capture smooth images.  At about 65 pounds and a mere 14.5 inches wide, this gimbal also allows for more versatile shooting.  Uniquely, the Cineflex V14 Turret can be used in conjunction with more than just helicopters.  Attach the turret to cars, boats, etc to capture the best footage for your specific circumstance.


Sporting the robust Sony HDW-1500 camera, the Cineflex V14 HD system separates elements of the camera to reduce strain on the gimbal.  The body of the HDW-1500 remains inside the chopper while its CCD block and lens attach to the gimbal.  With an attached SR-recorder, the Cineflex can output 1920 x 1080 HDCAM video to 50-minute tapes.  As of late, this system has been used to record aerial footage for television shows such as Burn Notice, Brooke Knows Best, and Ugly Betty.