Edelkrone Camera Support Systems


“The Wing” demonstrating it’s full range of motion

Edelkrone are creators of camera support and motion products for the small camera market.  Admittedly, there are more than a few manufacturers out there that fit that description.  However, there is something about the design of Edelkrone’s various products that have a simple elegance to them.  A touch of class if you will…  For example, the “The Wing” prototype show (above) isn’t really a slider, its precision engineered arms have a gentle pendulum action that produce a perfectly level one meter camera move.  The Wing is not officially released yet and no pricing is available at this time, although they expect to be finished with the product by the end of the summer.


The Edelkrone Pocket Skater lives up to its name

The Pocket Skater is a finely engineered tabletop dolly for small cameras.  Other manufacturers use the term “pocket” to indicate how small or compact the product is.  With the Edelkrone Pocket Skater you can take it more literally.  When folded up it will actually fit in your pocket.  The Pocket Skater will perform straight, curved, or circular dolly moves thanks to its infinitely adjustable wheels.  This kind of tool is great for the travelling DSLR shooter.  Just toss it in your backpack and go.  The Pocket Skater is currently available for $200.