The Popular LED Film Lighting Taking Over the Industry Right Now

At Moving Picture Rental, based in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of film lighting technology over the decades. From the early days in Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s film scenes, we saw the transition from incandescent lighting to tungsten and fluorescent lights. The advancements in HMI and electronic ballast technology were nothing short of groundbreaking, greatly improving efficiency and control.

Then came the rise of LED lighting, marking a revolutionary shift with its energy efficiency, color control, and digital capabilities, making it the go-to standard in the film industry. Brands like Arri and Aputure, both prominent in the Miami Rental and Fort Lauderdale Rental scenes, have truly outdone themselves. At Moving Picture Rental, we’re proud to be a trusted grip rental house and lighting rental house offering their state-of-the-art lighting solutions for rent:

Aputure Light Storm 600c Lighting Aputure LS 600c LED Lighting:

This isn’t just another LED light; it’s Aputure’s commitment to quality and innovation. Perfect for those seeking Miami Rental or Fort Lauderdale Lighting Rental equipment, it offers unparalleled brightness and color accuracy, becoming a favorite among our rental clients. With built-in special effects, from Lightning to Paparazzi, directors of photography and cameramen are given added creative freedom.



Arri Skypanel S60-c LED Light:

Arri’s reputation in the industry, especially within Florida’s Lighting Rental scene, is unmatched. The Skypanel S60-c with its full RGBW color control offers filmmakers the flexibility they desire, and its wireless control capability truly sets it apart.

Litepanels Gemini 1×1 LED Lighting: 

Quickly becoming a staple in Light Rental setups across Miami and Fort Lauderdale, its bi-color feature ensures accurate color representation suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

Litemat Spectrum 4 LED Panel Lighting:

Known for its soft, even lighting, it’s a favorite among our Lighting Rental clients. Its color control adds depth to any shot, making it a must-have.

Creamsource Vortex8 Light: 

Like the Aputure LS 600c, the Creamsource Vortex8 is a testament to quality and innovation in LED lighting. Renowned in the South Florida Lighting Inventories, its cutting-edge LED technology promises exceptional brightness and color precision.

SkyPanel X21 800W RGBACL Modular LED Light Panel:

Arri’s SkyPanel X21 800W RGBACL is further evidence of their unmatched industry reputation. This modular LED light panel provides filmmakers unparalleled control, with the added bonus of its ingenious dome accessory ensuring diffused lighting perfection.

Astera Titan Tube & Astera Helios Tubes: 

In Florida’s robust Lighting Rental scene, these wireless LED tubes stand out. Offering unprecedented flexibility, they’ve become indispensable tools for filmmakers seeking dynamic accent lighting or soft, ambient illumination.

Nanlite Pavotube Light: 

As with the Litepanels Gemini 1×1, the Nanlite Pavotube has rapidly become a key component in our clients’ toolkits, recognized for its innovative bi-color feature and versatile design.

Aputure Accent B7c LED Set – 8 Bulbs w/Charging Case: 

This all-in-one lighting solution from Aputure brings versatility and precision to sets across Florida. With eight bulbs and a dedicated charging case, filmmakers are equipped to craft their desired visual narratives.

Your Trusted Partner in Film Lighting

Whether you’re on the hunt for a grip rental house or lighting rental house in Florida, or are pinpointing Light Rental options in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Moving Picture Rental remains your top choice. Committed to supplying the industry’s best and most cutting-edge equipment, our seasoned team is always on standby to lend their expertise. To explore the pinnacle of Lighting Rental solutions, request a quote today, and let our specialists steer you toward the optimal choice.