Orlando Moving Picture Rental is Playing Through

The film business in Southern Florida is back in action and going full speed ahead.

A lovely new movie called Playing Through was shot on location in Sarasota. It is a powerful fictionalized story about a real, historical person, Ann Gregory, the first black woman to play in a U.S. Golf Association event. Through her influence, Gregory opened the sport to women of color and all races.

In the film, Gregory plays a golf match during the 1950s against her opponent, the fictional character Babs Whatling, a white woman. At that time in history, no women of any color were encouraged to play the “men’s” game of golf.

Ann Gregory’s golfing career in real life was exceptional. She was given the moniker of the “Queen of Negro Women’s Golf” by black newspapers when she won the United Golf Association’s national championship in 1956.

The film premiered in April 2022 at the Sarasota Film Festival and was well-received by the locals with good reviews from the critics.

Over five weeks, the film shoot took place in Sarasota, ending in mid-June 2021. The primary location was the Laurel Oak Country Club for shooting the scenes of the golf match. Other filming sites included the Historic Spanish Point, the Waffle Stop restaurant, and some homes in the Rosemary District.

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The staff has a lot of love and a soft spot in their hearts for independent filmmakers. The last few years have been challenging, adjusting to being COVID compliant and whatnot. Now is the moment to make up for lost time and get filming. The film industry is hungry once again for independent films, so blow the dust off that script and get busy!

Orlando has always been a top choice of filmmakers because of its excellent weather and wonderful variety of shooting locations.

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