Film Gear Rentals Under 5k for shooting a Corporate Video in Florida

Getting the right crew is as important as your film gear rental.Video is an essential part of any corporate marketing strategy. It’s estimated that 60% of the general public prefer watching a video about a company rather than reading about it in an email or brochure. And amongst businesses that present both on their websites, videos receive three times more clicks. Suffice it to say, corporations that invest in such media give their organizations an advantage over those that don’t.

Unlike commercial advertisements or feature films, you won’t need much equipment to execute them successfully. More importantly, you won’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. So if you’re making a corporate video on a budget, here are a few film gear rental suggestions to help give your production the highest chance of success.

Canon C500 Mark II

For decades, Canon has manufactured high-quality and high-performance cameras that set the standard in film and video production. The C500 is no exception. Producers of corporate videos will especially appreciate the creative flexibility this unit offers. For starters, it can shoot in almost any lighting conditions with an expanded 15 stop dynamic range and enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus. Shoot up to 120fps in 2K/HD or up to 30fps in 4K/UHD. You can choose from more than 100 different prime and zoom lenses to customize your video’s look.  The detachable LCD monitor and control panel enables you to watch every frame as it’s shot. And a built-in internal mono reference microphone allows you to record sound and picture all in one.

The rental also includes a CA-A10 power supply, three BP-A30 batteries, and a CG-A10 battery charger.

Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head with Tripod

If you want your corporate video to look as professional as possible, forego hand-held camera work and include this fluid head and tripod as part of your film gear rental. Sachtler’s innovative Speedbalance technology ensures smooth camera movement. Thanks to a payload range of from 4.7 to 44.1 pounds and swift weight compensation, it’s easy to operate. And at just over eight pounds, it’s also easy to transport.

Zeiss CP.2 Lenses

Again, the versatility of the C500 means you can pair it with any one of Zeiss’s Compact Prime lenses. It’s the choice of professional cinematographers and photographers. For one thing, Zeiss’s precision optics, result in sharp focus no matter the range or scope of your shot. Additionally, each lens is designed for low distortion and high resolution, translating to crisp images and bright colors that will distinguish your video from the rest.


Simultaneously one of the most indispensable and most overlooked pieces of equipment on production sets, you’ll want to make sure to include C-Stands as part of your film gear rental package. Available in both 20 and 40inch sizes, C-Stands will quickly prove to be the workhorses of your video. Adjustable and versatile, use them to position a variety of light modifiers or support nearly anything on set.


Getting the right crew to operate your equipment is every bit as important as the items that’ll comprise your film gear rental. Hiring a Jack-of-all-Trades won’t benefit your production as much as a master of one. With a database of proven professionals and years of booking crews in Florida on productions of all sizes and budgets, Moving Picture Rental can help you find the grips, sound technicians, or camera operators you need at the price you want. Give them a call to see how they can meet all your production needs.