The Arri Alexa Classic Camera Shoots Beautiful Films On A Budget

The Arri Alexa classic camera is a 6 year old design but it’s a totally relevant digital cinema camera!  We’ve seen the used value of these cameras diminish dramatically over 2016.  All of us in the rental business are scratching our heads about this camera’s devaluation as its shot Academy Award winning feature films.  This camera has probably shot over 5,000 feature films and countless TV commercials.  The sensor is fundamentally the same as current Alexa cameras.  For example, one of the few differentiators between this camera and the Alexa plus is an extra BNC out.  Most noteworthy, the sensor is basically the same!


The Arri Alexa Classic Camera

“Best of Breed Camera Assistant” Steve Ciffone on the set with Moving Picture Rental’s Alexa Classic with production company “Today’s Feature” Shot in August 2016 Produced by Andy Schefter and coordinated by Jonathon Kaany.

You can rent this camera at Moving Picture Rental for a lot less than you think.  Feature film prices for the Arri Alexa classic camera body currently are at $750 per week.  One of our Arri Alexa classic cameras recently shot the Nicolas Cage directed the feature film, Vengeance: “A Love Story”.  The bottom line is this — if you are not shooting Arri Raw, and you do not have a need for a smaller camera  ie. Arri Alexa Mini and you want the best sensor in the business for your next project, this Arri Alexa classic camera is a real rental value.

Footage Shot With The Arri Alexa Classic Camera

Check out this demo reel of feature films shot in 2015 with the Arri Alexa Classic Camera and Zeiss Cp.2 lens package.  “For Jacob” Angel of Death” “Shadows” “Candelight”

Here from the archives is the Arri Alexa Classic showreel From NAB 2011.

Link to the technical data on the Arri Alexa Classic.