Save Money with a Digital Cinema Camera Package Rental

If you are shooting a production in South Florida and don’t feel like lugging all that heavy equipment with you, consider renting a digital cinema camera package from Moving Picture Rental.

Moving Picture is a professional camera crew and production rental facility located in South Florida, with digital cinema camera package rentals available to meet your production’s budget.

Alexa Camera Rentals

The ARRI Alexa is a staple of modern professional production and the standard bearer for digital cinematography.


Our small cinema camera package rentals are $695 per day. These packages include all of the essentials for shooting the perfect scene; including: a Canon EOS C300 Camera, two 32GB flash cards, three canon batteries, and your choice of either a trio Zeiss Compact Primes or a trio of Canon Zooms (16-35, 24-70, & 70-200).

Our medium sized production camera rental package starts at $1095/day. Medium rental packages contain all of the essentials of our small camera package, but with a little more leeway for commercial or corporate users. With budget in mind, our medium sized camera package is exactly what your production needs. This F3/Fujinon package includes: a Sony PMW-F3 Camera, three 32GB Sony SxS cards, four Anton Bauer Dionic HC onboard batteries, Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 lens, ARRI FF-5 follow focus, and more!

If you feel like your upcoming video production needs nothing but the best, then the ‘Reel McCoy’ package is for you. This package is a camera crews’ dream rental; with the ARRI Alexa Classic High-Speed Camera, five 32GB Sony SxS Cards, Dionic HC onboard batteries and VCLX block batteries, your choice of an Angenieux Optimo lens, a TV Logic 5.6” onboard monitor, a Panasonic 17” monitor, and more!

Angenieux Optimo Camera Rentals

The Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm 12x Zoom Lens. Angenieux manufactures the finest digital cinema zoom lens in the world. Their lenses are sought after for everything from 15-second commercials all the way up to mega-million blockbuster feature films.

If you are coming to South Florida and looking for a production rental company for your cinema needs, Moving Picture can help. If our digital cinema camera package rentals do not meet your needs, please contact Moving Picture directly at 954-522-1361 for a custom video production rental package.