Kessler CineSlider and Oracle Controller – Affordable Motion Control in a Compact Size

Kessler CineSlider On-Location in Daytona Beach

Kessler CineSlider On-Location in Daytona Beach

The Kessler CineSlider is a medium duty slider rig used for shooting video or motion time-lapse photography.  Its compact and lightweight design allows it to go where a dolly simply wont fit.  Now you can add dramatic motion to an otherwise static shot, giving your video that “something extra” that filmmakers are always looking for.  The rig will support an ARRI Alexa with a Master or Compact Prime lens, battery, and light-weight video tripod head,

The CineSlider gives the small unstable DSLR a solid motion control platform to work from.  You can manually slide the platform, use the crank wheel, or utilize the Oracle Controller for manual or programmed slider motion.  The CineSlider also has a complete array of accessories and mounting hardware allowing you to use a tabletop, a tripod, a light stand, or any combination of the three to support your slider.

Moving Picture has rented the CineSlider and Oracle controller for several recent shoots.  Including motion time-lapse photography with a Canon 5D covering Bike Week in Daytona for Harley Davidson and some very cool shots with the Sony F3 on a CineSlider rigged to a moving fire truck for the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department.  Here is a short video montage showing the kinds of unique shots that can be performed with this slider and controller combination.

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