Producers and Makers, Here’s a Sanity Hack!

Hey Producers and Makers, I never thought that writing for 5 minutes a day would elevate my mood, but I’m going on three years now with this GRATITUDE JOURNAL, and it’s had a profound effect on me (when I do it).

Gratefulness = power

I’m the last guy who likes to journal; I find it a real bore. However, I do like answering the questions that this 5-minute journal asks of me in the morning & sometimes in the evening (which I fail to do 90% of the time ).

I use my journal when times are tough and take breaks from it when life becomes easy.  It magically shifts my focus to the positive and guides me to what matters. Here a link to one that’s a $5.95 investment on Amazon.  

What I think it could do for you

1. Elevate your mood.
2. Shift your focus to the positive.
3. Guide you to what matters most in your life.
4. Give you a better sense of control over your life.
5. Open your heart to seeing the good in your life.

Want to explore gratefulness in-depth?

Katie Steedly interviews Seth Godin (who’s brilliant in my estimation).