The Perfect Walkie-Talkie Rental Solution

Communication is an important element in all aspects of life. Whether you are shooting a commercial, own a security company, or hosting a St. Patrick’s Day parade, Moving Picture provides walkie talkie rentals for the public and commercial companies.

Walkie Talkie Rentals

The Motorola CP200 is a rock solid communication tool with a proven track record for ruggedness and durability, performance, and moisture resistance.

With a variety of 2-way radio rental accessories such as FBI surveillance headsets for the perfect ‘undercover’ appearance, or noise canceling headsets, for use in loud environments like racetracks or concerts, Moving Picture has the perfect walkie talkie rental package for you. Don’t forget spare batteries and handmics (by request) are included, free of charge, when renting two-way radios.

Because Moving Picture offers daily, weekly and monthly rates for two-way radio rentals, you know that you will be receiving the highest quality radios at the most competitive rates.

We do not require rental minimums for walkie talkie rentals, so whether you need 2-way radios for a day or a year, just one radio or 100, Moving Picture can help make your rental easy and affordable.

If you are interested in Moving Picture’s 2-way radio rentals, please complete the walkie talkie rental form for a free quote. The radio rental form requires simple information, such as your contact info, type of communication equipment you are inquiring about (Motorola CP200 Two-Way Radios or Nextel Direct Connect), the rental dates, location usage of rentals, and quantity of rentals; including: walkie talkies, headsets, FBI headsets and handmics.